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Our mission is to monitor the environment and identify

emerging threats before they become unmanageable.


FireWatch uses multispectral imaging technology to provide solutions for their clients.


Richard McCreight

Richard W. McCreight is an environmental scientist, commercial pilot, and business owner. He began his career fighting and researching wildfires for the U.S.F.S. Fire Science Lab in Riverside, CA. That research led to NASA sponsored projects monitoring global environmental impacts and tracking environmental changes across regions using aircraft and satellite image data.  


Richard has over 25 years of aerial imaging experience in Environmental Monitoring, Geo-Intelligence Analysis, and Airborne Operations Management. He has worked extensively in the government, academia and commercial sector. Richard has a B.S. in Physical Geography/Environmental Science from the University of California, Riverside, and a M.S. in Forest Physiology from Oregon State University.


Richard’s career highlights include the mapping of the Panama Canal and surveying floods in Venice, Italy. He has documented numerous national disasters including California wildfires and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  Richard won the USAF Commander’s Challenge for tracking smugglers using aerial imaging.

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Gus Calderon

Gus Calderon is an earth scientist and commercial pilot with 25 years of aviation experience. He has over 3,100 hours of flight time and has owned and operated an FAA certified air charter operation.  Gus owns and flies a Beechcraft Bonanza aircraft that has been modified for aerial mapping missions.  Gus has been flying aerial survey flights missions for environmental monitoring, natural land management, and wildfire risk mitigation. 


Graduating with a B.S in Geology from Boston College and a M.S. degree in Geology from the University of Arizona, Gus began his career working for an environmental consulting firm where he performed mineral and material identification with electron microscopy and energy-dispersive spectrometry.  Gus has obtained accreditation from several government agencies including NIST, NRC and the EPA.


Gus is an early adopter of drone technology for scientific applications. Since 2009 he has been developing custom drones and integrating sensors for environmental monitoring. Gus uses drones for “ground truthing” of aerial data acquired from full-size aircraft. He also has an extensive background in aerial cinematography and aerial video production.

Maha Calderon
GIS Technician & Editor

Maha Calderon is a Commercial Pilot and FAA Certified Flight Instrument Instructor (CFII) with 20 years of aviation experience. Maha has an academic background in journalism and is a published writer, graphic designer, commercial photographer and video editor. 


Maha is a FireWatch flight crew member and as a co-pilot she assists with flight planning, traffic avoidance, and air traffic communications. She is responsible for editing all written documents, reports, and presentations created by FireWatch. Maha is currently enrolled in the Palomar College GIS Program and applying her new skills as a GIS technician. 

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Josh Wilkins
Advisor - Wildfire Technology

Josh Wilkins, a veteran Fire Captain with over 27 years of service, now infusing his experience into the realm of wildfire technology. As a skilled technology integrator and UAS operator, he understands that while technology itself may not solve the wildfire problem, it can play a pivotal role in aiding firefighters in making critical decisions and improving operational efficiency.


With a keen interest in how VR/AR and digital twin technology can be fused into operational workflow and mitigation planning, Josh seeks to revolutionize the way we respond to wildfires. 


His expertise in remote sensing and incident management, Josh places a special emphasis on situational awareness. Drawing on his extensive field experience, he aims to predict and mitigate high-risk situations. His commitment to this cause is rooted in the belief that enhanced awareness can tip the balance between life and death.


A passionate advocate for future-shaping technologies in fire safety, Josh also advises on risk management strategies and public safety use cases for emerging technology. 

Andrew Laney
GIS Specialist

Andrew Laney has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Redlands. He volunteered in Business Development in the Republic of Vanuatu for the U.S. Peace Corps where he established a local eco-tourism board and trained locals in the fundamentals of eco-tourism.

In 2016, he received his Master of Education degree from Point Loma Nazarene University and became a Social Studies teacher at a San Diego based charter school. 

He is currently pursuing a degree in Geographic Information Systems at Palomar College. He brings his new skillset to the FireWatch Team and helps with cartography, analysis, and product development.

Jeff Shelton Headshot.png
Jeff Shelton
Wildland Fire Analyst

Jeff Shelton brings 35 years of frontline fire service experience to his passion for wildland fire behavior analysis. He currently teaches the S-495 (Geospatial Fire Analysis, Interpretation, and Application) and S-590 (Advanced Fire Behavior Interpretation) courses at the National Advanced Fire and Resource Institute.


Jeff is a qualified Long Term Fire Behavior Analyst (LTAN), assigned to a Type I Federal Interagency Incident Management Team. He commonly provides decision support on high profile, major incidents across the United States. His skillset includes creation of advanced curriculum, implementation of policy and leading specialized programs, including the FIRESCOPE Predictive Services Committee.

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Ian Lochhead
Senior Technical Advisor,
3D Visualization

Dr. Ian Lochhead is a spatial data scientist and 3D visualization researcher and developer. Ian earned his MSc and PhD from Simon Fraser University, where his research explored the utility of emerging technologies for 3D spatial data capture and 3D geographic visualization – focusing on the design and development of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) interfaces and their impact on our ability to perceive and comprehend 3D phenomena.

A problem solver by nature, Ian incorporates design thinking principles and technical knowledge to craft compelling, functional virtual spaces that promote interactive sensemaking and knowledge formation. Ian has collaborated with a diverse range of partners and clients to deliver cutting-edge visualization tools, including projects exploring risk communication and emergency management, climate change, urban development, marine ecology, and cultural history.


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FireWatch owns and operates a Beechcraft Bonanza for aerial mapping missions throughout California. The Bonanza is fitted with sensors for multispectral imaging.


FireWatch uses the team enterprise approach to business and collaborates with

other professionals to achieve similar goals.

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