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On Sept. 5, 2019, the Rancho Santa Fe Association contracted with FireWatch. Every year FireWatch creates vegetative fuel maps to  determine the proximity of homes to wildfire risks.

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Fairbanks Ranch

On August 25th, 2020 the Fairbanks Ranch Association contracted with FireWatch to collect and process the aerial imagery for baseline maps of the community.


Environmental monitoring of San Clemente Island is a Navy funded project through San Diego State University. 


The project used detailed Image mapping and sampling to characterize ecosystem structure and function over space and time. 

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FireWatch contracted with Tree San Diego to help expand and further develop regional urban forests through their Cal Fire funded project; Branch Out San Diego.


CNLM contracted with FireWatch to conduct aerial surveys of the vegetation of numerous preserves throughout southern California.


Aerial imaging was utilized for land management and ecosystem monitoring.

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Legoland contracted FireWatch to create detailed aerial maps of the theme park.


Mission Trails Regional Park contracted FireWatch to create detailed aerial maps of the park for environmental monitoring.

The family of David O'Sullivan contracted FireWatch to conduct an aerial search mission for their missing son. David O'Sullivan was hiking the Pacific Crest Trail when he went missing near Idyllwild, CA in April, 2017.

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